Wagyu Brisket, full packers cut

Wagyu Brisket, full packers cut


Perfect for the competitive barbecue or any first-class backyard feast, our 100% REAL Wagyu™ briskets are rich with spectacular marbling and unbeatable tenderness. Like a traditional beef brisket, these premium cuts are ideal for braising, smoking or any long and slow cooking method. Join the most exclusive club in barbecue by becoming one of the very few people in the world to have smoked a true 100% REAL Wagyu™ Packer Brisket. You've never seen a brisket as marbled as this one, and its taste is out of this world. Steven Raichlen, barbecue expert and James Beard award winning author of books such as "The Brisket Chronicles" has described it as being "like eating the richest, smokiest imaginable brisket fat in suspension with meat holding it together."  All briskets need to be pre-ordered, the average weight is 15 lbs, (6.8 kg).

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    Overnight shipping to Greater Vancouver area and 1-2 days shipping to rest of BC. All items are individually vacuum packed and frozen and will be shipped in an insulated shipping box that keeps it frozen for up to 48 hours. Of course you can pick up your REAL Wagyu Beef at Subtilia Ranch, we love to meet our customers.

    We ship only on Tuesday to "Rest of BC"


    Tuesday and Wednesday to "Greater Vancouver Area",

    Pick up at Subtilia Ranch is 7 days a week, on appointment only.