The Shogun Box

The Shogun Box


2 x Tenderloin Steak (each 4 oz+), 2 x Rib-eye Steak (each 15 oz+), 1 x NY Strip Steak (14 oz+), 1 x Tri tip steak (6 oz+), 2 x Boneless Blade Eye (14oz+) and 1 x Teres Major steak (8 oz+).

100% REAL Wagyu  beef makes for the best possible combination of flavor and texture. The perfect Wagyu marbling makes for moist, tender,  juicy & irresistibly tasty steaks! Real Wagyu beef, from our Japanese cattle stock, raised without antibiotics or hormones, on a strict diet to encourage natural marbling. We create a low-stress environment for the Wagyu cattle and closely monitor them at every stage of growth and that is what you will taste!

  • Shipping Info.

    Overnight shipping to Greater Vancouver area and 1-2 days shipping to rest of BC. All items are individually vacuum packed and frozen and will be shipped in an insulated shipping box with gel ice pack that keeps it frozen for up to 48 hours, depending on outside temperature. Of course you can pick up your REAL Wagyu Beef at Subtilia Ranch, we love to meet our customers.

    We ship on Monday & Tuesday to "Rest of BC" and  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to "Greater Vancouver Area".

    Pick up at Subtilia Ranch is 7 days a week, on appointment only.