The Steak Sampler Box

The Steak Sampler Box


1x Ribeye steak ( 15oz+), 2x Top Sirloin steak ( 15 oz+), 2 x Denver steak (8 oz+) 2x Tri tip steak (8 oz+) and 2 x Flat Iron steak (5oz+).

100% REAL Wagyu™ Beef is the versatile king of beef and customers tell us all the time that ours is the best. That's probably because all of our Wagyu are living the life of royalty at Subtilia Ranch and please, sous-vide your Wagyu.

  • Shipping Info.

    Overnight shipping to Greater Vancouver area and 1-2 days shipping to rest of BC. All items are individually vacuum packed and frozen and will be shipped in an insulated shipping box with gel ice pack that keeps it frozen for up to 48 hours, depending on outside temperature. Of course you can pick up your REAL Wagyu Beef at Subtilia Ranch, we love to meet our customers.

    We ship on Monday & Tuesday to "Rest of BC" and  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to "Greater Vancouver Area".

    Pick up at Subtilia Ranch is 7 days a week, on appointment only.

  • Sous Vide your Wagyu Steak!!!

    If you don’t have an appliance that allows you to cook your food in a temperature controlled water bath, go out and buy one! While you’re at it, get a vacuum sealer as well. The cooking method is called “Sous Vide”.  This is an extraordinary method of cooking well worth exploring. The temperature of your steak, for example will be consistent the entire depth of the meat. A must for any steak lover. Combined with the spices you have at your fingertips the world’s greatest steak dinner awaiting.

    Compound butter: In a small bowl, combine butter with Hickory Smoked Salt (Fine), Long Pepper "Wild Picked", Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, and Dried Thyme.  Spread the soft mixture evenly over both sides of the NY Strip and seal in a zip-type or vacuum sealable bag.  You can cook the beef right away or marinate for 1 hour or longer.

    When ready to cook, prepare the water bath of the sous vide to 129°F or 54,5°C, submerge the beef and cook for 90 minutes. This amount of time and temperature should yield a perfect medium rare.  Remove the steak from the bag and pat dry.  Heat a cast iron pan on medium heat.  Add a touch of Olive Oil and begin to sear the meat on the fatty side first, attempting to render some of the fat if present.  Sear only until desired brownness on all sides and serve with a slice or two of extra compound butter.

  • Denver steak

    Wagyu Denver Steak

    From 100% REAL Wagyu™. ... Denver steaks are one of the increasingly popular steaks that come from the chuck primal. They're relatively tender, with nice beefy flavor, and they feature a good amount of marbling.

    This cut is incredibly versatile. Our preferred method is to sous vide them at 52 C or 125°F for ~4 hours to tenderize. To finish, let them cool down, pat dry, season with plenty of salt and char over high heat. You can also braise low and slow, or simply season with salt and pepper and toss it in a hot cast iron skillet.

  • Flat Iron steak

    Flat iron steak—also known as a top blade steak, top blade filet, and shoulder top blade steak—is cut from the shoulder of the 100% REAL Wagyu™ (called the chuck) and is nicely marbled with lots of beefy flavors. When cooked properly, a flat iron steak turns out tender and juicy..

    Sous vide temperature and cooking times for flat iron steak

    Temperature Time Result
    125°F* 1-3 hours Rare
    130°F 1-3 hours Medium rare
    135°F 1-3 hours Medium
    145°F 1-3 hours Medium Well
    150°F 1-3 hours Well done