20 HIRO Wagyu Beef Burgers

20 HIRO Wagyu Beef Burgers


Our own brand certified 100% Wagyu hamburgers. Go to www.hirowagyu.com for more information and where to buy them. 

Hiro Wagyu is certified 100% REAL™ Wagyu beef. Wagyu is highly marbled beef and contains a higher percentage of omega-3 fatty acids making it tender and mouthwateringly flavoursome. Get ready to enjoy the refined and desired taste of one of Japan’s national treasures fused in to the world's best hamburger.


  • REAL Wagyu Hamburgers

    The best burger in Canada title now belongs to you with this blend of REAL Wagyu beef. Wagyu beef, praised for its dense marbling, must be DNA-certified with a birth certificate and three generations of Japanese parentage proven out in order for it to qualify as 100% REAL Wagyu. Subtilia's ground beef is buttery and rich, promising all our HIRO Wagyu burgers to rise to legendary status.